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Extreme Makeover: Home Care Edition

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Home health leaders know first-hand that the federal and state reforms that are prompting new payment and service delivery models offer agencies the chance to highlight our best assets. With new opportunities comes the chance for leaders to step back and assess their agency’s best features as well as our weaknesses, and redesign and reformulate home care’s potential role in new models that focus on outcomes, efficiency, and quality health care. These features make any new model look good!

This year’s Northeast Home Health Leadership Summit has been specifically designed to offer leaders the opportunity to dig deep, reexamine what is the power and presence of home health, and learn new ideas about how to makeover what doesn’t work. The program is created to challenge you, inspire you, and offer you insights about how home health’s role can be redesigned and reimagined. Don’t miss it.


The Summit, now in its 15th year, is sponsored by the Northeast Home Health Leadership Collaborative, a consortium of state home care trade associations representing provider and associate members in the Northeast. The Home Care Association of New York State (HCANYS) and Homecare Alliance of Massachusetts are the engineers of this event. Members of the collaborative work closely together to bring you this insightful program.

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