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Keynote Speaker Eric Stone explains that everyone can build a strategy, but not everyone has the capability to get a bunch of people committed and excited to actually execute the strategy. Buckle up for an inspiring ride with the compelling book ‘Jumpstart Your Workplace Culture‘– free when you are among the first 100 attendees registered for the New England Home Health Leadership Conference in Boston, Jan 16 & 17, 2024.

Discover the secrets to unleashing unstoppable high performance.

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  • What are the five key factors to employee engagement?
  • How can you sustain culture?
  • How can you scale culture?
  • What are some early warning signs that a culture needs a jumpstart?
  • Can you hire for cultural match and much more.

Read the full article in Forbes to truly Jumpstart Your Workplace Culture!

Eric will break through the noise during his closing session at the Leadership Summit. Join us as he asks us to explore the key components of employee engagement. Eric’s pragmatic approach gives a practical road map for fostering a culture that yields results year in and year out. This distinctive approach balances flexibility and accountability.

Eric will dig deep into his accumulated wisdom and experience to help know when—and how—to redirect culture or if it’s time to take a new route. Stone covers everything you need to ignite and maintain a workplace that runs smoothly… and never again need a jump start.

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